Is it infrastructure, sales and marketing, technology, automation or strategy? Is there anything more important than these in the hospitality industry and hospitality in hotels and restaurants and others rest places? Yeah, you got that right. It’s the customer service and it is the service which is acts as the soul of hospitality. There is no doubt or no confusion that customer service is the name of the game in the hospitality industry. And it is for good reasons.

All hoteliers want to leave their guest with a positive memory. Even better if that guest comes back or shares their experience with others. How can robots help with this? To put it simply, hotel robots provide a competitive edge over the competition. Robots can free up the time of human staff and help personalise a guest’s stay. In fact, their use is almost limitless — with just imagination and cost being limiting factors.

Concierge Bot

Concierge Bot

Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Part of the reason why robots have emerged as a popular technology trend within the hospitality industry is because ideas of automation and self-service are playing an increasingly vital role in the customer experience. The use of robots can lead to improvements in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness and even accuracy.

For example,

Chabot’s allow a hotel or travel company to provide 24/7 support through online chat or instant messaging services, even when staff would be unavailable, delivering extremely swift response times. Meanwhile, a robot used during the check-in process can speed up the entire process, reducing congestion.

A Robot Assistant for Airports and Hotels

Airports and hotels are increasingly making use of robotic assistants, transforming the entire hospitality industry. These assistants are capable of carrying out various tasks, including room service and information provision. A key advantage is the ability for robots to offer support for a variety of different languages.


As computer technology has advanced, artificial intelligence has become more reliable, enhancing its standing within the business world. Indeed, hospitality companies are increasingly using AI to carry out customer service tasks, which are especially important within hotels and resorts. In this article, you get a closer look in which way artificial intelligence is revolutionising the hospitality industry


Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry, primarily because of its ability to carry out traditionally human functions at any time of the day. This potentially means that hotel owners can save significant money, eliminate human error and deliver superior service.

In particular, customer service is a vital part of the travel industry, with hotels often living and dying based on the way they treat their customers. With artificial intelligence, the possibilities for improving this aspect are almost endless, ranging from increased personalisation to tailored recommendations.

One of the key customer service challenges for hotels is responding to customer questions quickly and artificial intelligence now provides an additional option for tackling this problem. Moreover, it has the capacity to assist with tasks like data analysis and, through data collection, can effectively “learn” and adapt to customer interactions.